November Minimalist Challenge: Day 3-5

I was away for the weekend so today I worked on days three through five throughout the day.

Day 3 – Pick a Theme for Your Wardrobe

I’d say I want my theme for my clothing to be easy, neutral, and semi-stylish.

Day 4 – Reduce Your Wardrobe

I worked fiercely on my clothing collection today! I was able to clear out my closet and dresser drawers by 6 garbage bags. I had 3 to take to Plato’s Closet to see if anything would sell, 2 to take to church on Sunday for Wayward Cross & 1 to throw away. I’ll take whatever doesn’t sell at Plato’s Closet to Wayward Cross as well. I still have so much to do but it was an amazing start. The next task I need to do is destash my LulaRoe leggings, tops, and dresses. On Day 25, my wardrobe will be tackled again so I’ll re-reduce. I also need to reduce what’s in our guest room (soon to be the new baby’s nursery) closet because I know I have dresses and some hoodies in there.

Day 5 – Reduce Your Shoe Collection

I focused specifically on the shoes in my closet today. I left 1 pair of sandals, 3 pairs of heals & 2 pairs of cowgirl boots. I have some shoes in my coat closet too but I didn’t tackle them today. Day 9 is set aside for cleaning out the hall closet so I’ll tackle those shoes then when my mind is set on the hall closet.

Here’s a little collage of the progress! Don’t judge how insanely messy my closet was before I started (the whole inspiration for this process). Yikes!



November Minimalist Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 Task – List down 20 essential clothing items to own

To even begin deciding what is essential, I’m turning to Pinterest to look at some capsule wardrobes. I have to say that 20 items is pretty limiting and I’m not seeing many Pins with less than 30 items. For the sake of not losing everything, I’m not going to consider shoes or accessories as clothing items. The following pin seems to most closely represent the look I’m going for (click the image to follow the link to the pin) & my personal list is directly after the pin!

Are you a stay-at-home mom needing ideas for a flexibly stylish but comfortable…

Here are my essentials – for Spring/Summer, things should be short sleeved and Fall/Winter; long- sleeved:

  1. 1 striped T-shirt
  2. 3 Plain tees – alternating colors
  3. *
  4. *
  5. Chambray Top
  6. 1 plaid top
  7. 2 plain loose sweaters
  8. *
  9. Cute, floral print tunic
  10. 2 simple swing or body con style dresses
  11. *
  12. 1 pair of skinny jeans
  13. 1 pair of boyfriend, or cuffable jeans
  14. 1 pair of colored jeans (match color to season)
  15. black leggings
  16. gray leggings
  17. denim jacket
  18. cute, fitted hoodie
  19. neutral over-sized cardigan
  20. colored over-sized cardigan

Later on in the challenge there are days to reduce the wardrobe, so I’ll be determining if I have what I want for a capsule and donating/selling a ton of clothing. If I’m missing an essential my plan is to take on extra VIPKID or earn gift cards with Swagbucks to purchase it, in order to keep the impact on our expenses low. I also have to say that I won’t be able to literally only have 20 things, as we all know he have to keep certain things on hand for special events: a black funeral dress, a couple of wedding appropriate items, uniforms for your job, etc. I may get a clothing rack to keep these occasional use items aside in my basement; reducing the visual clutter of my closet. Having a capsule wardrobe will make getting dressed and out the door in something stylish much easier when I’m chasing around 3, and then 4 kids!


November Minimalist Challenge – Day 1

November is here and that means it’s time to kick off my minimalist challenge. Today’s task is to define your personal style. I have to say, this is hard for me. Before kids, I loved floral prints, colored jeans, Pinteresting for outfit inspiration, & shopping for myself at H&M, Old Navy, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and many more places. Now…I’m a mom and I literally told someone today “My kids are red carpet ready. I look like an extra on Shameless.” I mean, woof. That’s quite the style, hah!

I think my personal style now is easy and functional. I need to be able to be pregnant, chase toddlers, & NOT look like I’m on Shameless in whatever I wear. Right now, it’s a lot of Lularoe, leggings & swing dresses. But I’d prefer to go back in the direction of jeans. I think I need to purge and do a capsule wardrobe – jeans, solid colored tees, trending, oversized cardigans, & tunics with leggings. I need to reassess and determine an easy hairstyle too. I’m over ponytails. They never look nice. I’m thinking I’ll do a loose perm once the baby is here (can’t have one while pregnant). I had one when lifeguards g and it was so effortless & cute!

As I purge clothing during this challenge, I’ll be keeping this style vision in mind & try to form a capsule wardrobe so I can reduce the 110% embarrassing clutter on my side of the closet. Yikes!