Toddler Beds at 14 Months – Triplet Edition

Call us crazy. Call us the unpopular opinion. But, we’ve moved the triplets to toddler beds. ✔️ And it’s going well!!


As you know, John & I have been loosely following Montessori methods for some areas of our house (i.e. kitchen learning tower/access to snacks or cups, bathroom toothbrush station, planned toys/work in playroom) so the idea of going to independence with bed wasn’t too crazy to us. I found Thomas nearly straddling his crib rail after climbing up the outside one day & Declan had been doing chin ups in his for a while. So we began talking about the idea of transitioning early. Both of decided to go for it & here we are! Continue reading


Baby Proofing

The other day I was pulling together a list of what we’ve used to baby proof and I thought “Blog post topic!!” Here is what we’ve done to baby proof for triplets in our house. 🙂

First, we used a professional baby proofing guy, Bob from Safe Surroundings, to proof our kitchen & stairs. It was the best idea! We saved hours of installing and selecting cabinet and drawer locks. He also picked the best stair gate, the Retract-A-Gate!

In the kitchen he used:
Magnetic Locks
Drawer locks (mag ones didn’t fit in our drawers)
temp-92 Continue reading