Triplets Take On: The North Woods


The last week of August, the triplets and I made a last minute, 6-hour trek to Ironwood, Michigan to have a weekend vacation with my parents, Grandma, sister & brother-in-law.  John stayed home because he had a road trip to Denver the following week and wasn’t up for two road trips so close together.

We left Friday morning and the kiddos did great! They were loaded up with rice cakes & their Fire Tablets. They watched Bubble Guppies and napped for about 2.5 hours before we stopped to check out Ehlenbach’s cheese chalet in DeForest. We snagged some tasty snacks & then headed over to A&W. They loved their first taste of root beer! After some diaper changes, we got back on the road and arrived at Big Powderhorn Mountain four hours later. The kids traveled extremely well! I was nervous to road trip with them alone but they did great! The first night we hung out in the ski chalet and ate at our favorite place, Liberty Bell Chalet. The biggest reason for heading up there was to eat there because they were closing and we didn’t want to miss out. My family has been visiting there for years, my mom lived there for a few years in middle school, and my grandpa had relatives who lived there years ago. It’s a special place and I was so happy to get up there with the kids and enjoy some Bell Chalet! Continue reading


Triplets Take On: Gnarly Knots

In my numerous attempts to figure out how to blog after our trip turned 1 I’m giving it a try to record our adventures separately. 🙂

Where? Gnarly Knots in Winfield / You can check them out at & on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter / They also have a food truck so if you are local to us you may find that where the food trucks gather!

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4 Thoughts for Meeting Multiples Out & About

temp-124A year ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting my personal thoughts on the Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting Multiples. My triplets were 7 months at the time, had just begun sleeping through the night, and my anxiety was still so high about the fact that they were born early and small. I haven’t thought about the post in quite a while, but a popular Facebook page picked it up and shared the article recently. The response was incredibly negative. Unfortunately, the quote they chose to caption the article with on Facebook and Instagram created the wrong idea about the post and led to people not reading it and extremely negative commenting about me as a person, rather than open-mindedness. As an aside, I am always floored when I’m browsing the comments section of opinion pieces at just how unfiltered people can be when there are behind the safety of their computer. They cannot be considering that the person reading what they are writing is just a regular human on the other end of their comments. Continue reading