Friday Family Update 7.6

…a day late.

We had quite the adventure this past week. We went on a road trip to Memphis. I had great intentions to write posts about how I packed for the trip & the healthy changes we made to avoid fast food on the road. But beyond the ride down, life happened and that just doesn’t apply to this trip. Here’s the real life update…

We packed up on Monday & left Tuesday morning for Memphis. Part of John’s family is still there, as well as friends. We dropped John’s car off at a local garage for a power steering line repair & headed on our way. The kids travel well with toys & their Amazon Fire Tablets. They are a special treat & only for long car rides so they are always excited to see them! We had a picnic at a rest area & I noticed Isla had some diaper rash but didn’t think much of it. We continued on our way. The babies were in good spirits on Tuesday night when we got there & they loved swimming in their Granddad & Nonna’s pool!

Wednesday morning Isla’s rash looked worse so I called Teladoc & they prescribed a Nystatin cream. She woke up with a fever from her nap. But she seemed to recover as we lied low that day so I didn’t think much of it. She had been drooling A TON, like soaked shirt fronts, so I was thinking teeth. We had a fairly regular Thursday. She played at the park, was a bit more snuggly at the splash park, & napped fine. The Shelby Farms splash park & playground “nest” were a hit & the kids LOVED them!

Later on that evening, I noticed she was whimpering when she would cough (like a little clear your throat cough) or swallowed certain things. I started to worry about hand, foot, & mouth as I read more about short fevers with sore throats. Now I’m starting to panic because I know it’s contagious & her brothers are bound to get it with all the cup swapping & food sharing they do. I’m ready to head home to beat the boys getting sick because I just know we’ll be better off at home, in our own space, & able to feel crummy around their own things.

I discussed it with John but he wasn’t ready to end the trip. We put the babies down to bed & they went to sleep just fine. We went to bed later on and I ended up putting Isla in bed with us because she was crying & shifting around a lot. I could tell her mouth was really bugging her. We slept. At 4:50am I hear Thomas crying. I thought I’ll check on him & we can lay down on the office couch together because Isla is safe here with John. I picked up Thomas and he was burning up. I didn’t even take his temp, just gave him Motrin and we laid down. I knew he was getting what Isla had. I thought I’m going to have to tell John we need to leave. They are all getting sick for sure now. ((That’s always the way I feel about it with 3 kids. If 2/3 have it. It’s gonna be all of them so better to just hunker down & prepare.))

Thomas and I laid down. He snuggled in. He started to do what I thought was shiver. I pulled the blanket up more thinking his fever must be giving him chills. It was so dark. He kept shaking. I thought this isn’t stopping…oh my, is this a seizure? I shined my phone light on him & I knew right away. His eyes were rolled upward & he was making a strange noise. He just shook so much. I had heard of febrile seizures before in a student’s seizure plan & I figured that was what was happening. Thank goodness I knew about it or I would have been much less helpful to him, I’m sure. I stayed there, laying by him while he shook & kept him on his side, sort of on me. He threw up his Motrin. It lasted about 2-3 minutes but I was sure it was 10. It felt like forever. Once he slowed down and wasn’t shaking I laid him down on his side and ran to get John.

Thomas and I were in the office where Declan was sleeping quietly in a pack n play. I kept thinking we can’t wake up the other kids, even though I knew this was urgent. I just knew if they woke & started screaming the chaos would be much worse. John ran to get cool, wet towels, & places them on Thomas forehead and chest. He woke up his dad & step-mom so they knew what was going on & that we needed to call 911. Even though Thomas wasn’t seizing anymore he just looked awful. He was rigid, laying on his side & whimpering. He wouldn’t respond & his eyes were tightly shut. The whole thing took him 20 minutes to come out of & it was terrifying. 911 arrived & they took us to a pediatric ER. John followed along in our car.

I’m so glad they took us there because the doctor was fast, kind, & incredibly informative. He confirmed that it was a febrile seizure. He said that they are essentially a phenomenon. They used to think that it had to do with the height of the temperature or how fast the fever came on but it’s not necessarily true. Thomas’ temp was 102. It wasn’t even what would have alerted me as high enough got a problem! His risk of seizure again is higher but only by 0.5% but his risk of a febrile seizure is there. They don’t know why but kids who have them between 6 months & 6 years old can have them again with other fevers. Some kids only ever have 1. Some have more. We’ll just have to keep an eye on him if he’s feverish & give him fever reducers.

They didn’t keep T long & they explained that with Hand Foot & Mouth (the doctor confirmed it by checking out Thomas’ throat) they can’t do much so just control the fever with Tylenol & Motrin. I didn’t know you could give them within doses so that was helpful info! We’ve been giving Motrin & Tylenol on a 3 hr rotation for all 3 since we left the hospital. They gave use some emergency seizure medicine in case he were to have another and we heading back to John’s dad’s house. I knew then we were going home. I told John & he agreed. We got back & packed right up. He had arrived at the hospital at 6am, left by 7:30, back to the house by 8:15 & we were heading back to Illinois by 9am. Whirlwind morning to say the least.

Our drive back was uneventful & the kids were all feverish on the ride back so they slept a lot! It was probably a good time to travel since they were sleepy & sick. We made a few stops but they weren’t very hungry & we really had to work to get them to drink with their sore throats. They got home & lit up. They were so happy to be back in their space & had more energy than I’d seen all week!

They woke up fever free this morning with a rash on their mouths so hopefully the fever part is over. Their mouths hurt & they are still taking Motrin & Tylenol so they can eat. Their hands and feet are fairly clear for now. Isla has some blisters.

Kids getting sick is unavoidable but sure is tough with 3 the same age because they share a lot of the illnesses and they all have trouble understanding why they can’t have unlimited cuddle time. It’s times like that the mom guilt kicks in & you feel bad they are a triplet.

Amidst all of this craziness, the babies had their 1/2 birthday! I cannot believe their are 18 months now & each day takes us further from 1 year old & closer to 2! They are such sweeties & getting so much personality as they get older!


Friday Triplet & Family Update

This is the first Friday update post & I’m really hoping to make this schedule a routine for myself. I have to say that putting together updates is nice for our family too because it creates a short family video of each week of the year for us. With camcorders out & iPhones in, you don’t see 1 hour long videos of family events anymore. But I still love those videos from when I was a child. I want to make sure our kids have fun memories to watch for years to come!

This past week was a busy one! We went to Swedish days, John traveled out of state for his work as a referee, we had a play date & I had lots of tutoring. I also took the kids to get 18 month photos taken at JC Penny. They have the best Groupon deals! They turned out so good. I was really impressed as there is a different quality to studio photos versus the ones in our home (lifestyle). Those our my absolute favorite but more costly. So I went with Penny’s for the cheaper mid year option, but this photographer did not disappoint. She was dedicated too. We were both sweating trying to pose everyone. 😂 But look how precious these turned out ❤️❤️❤️

The kiddos are becoming so interactive with each other & are so much fun for us. We are also entering more tantrum-y stages when things don’t go someone’s way…lots of melting out the floor.

Here is a compilation of our week in an 8-9 minute video! 🙂

My Newest Adventure


For anyone who has known me for a long time, you’ll know that I just love to stay busy. Honestly, I’m probably addicted to being mentally stimulated or something. Haha! Anyone else feel like that? No? Just me.

Busy Much?

When I was in high school I was a cheerleader, worked two nights a week and rotating weekends as a CNA at a local nursing home, and went to school. In college, I was a student worker, a member of a sorority, a busy College of Education student and spent time volunteering for the Special Education office – babysitting for parents of children with special needs, speaking on panels for the prospective students, and more. I worked every summer as a lifeguard & babysat. When I got my first teaching job at Little Friends I was still working retail at Victoria’s Secret and continued for the first six weeks of my new teaching job. Seriously insane, let me tell you! I held down consistent babysitting jobs throughout my entire time teaching and only gave it up when I entered my 2nd trimester with the triplets. I have never been more bored than when I was made to leave work early before the triplets were born. It was the longest 3 weeks of my life. So, it’s probably no surprise that I burn the candle at both ends and then some by working for VIPKID & SayABC, running Owl Learn (private tutoring) and keeping up with my blog…all while being the sole care (other than my awesome mother’s helpers who come when I have a tutoring session that overlaps awake time for the kids) for our trio between 8:30am and 6pm.

The positive thing I can say about all of my busyness is that is translates to drive. I was driven to be a successful teacher and to be always learning and research to provide the best for my students. I have been driven to maintain and enhance that career rather than put it on hold. I was driven to stay home, but to ensure that I didn’t lose sight of myself and to provide income to our family. I’m driven to continue to find healthier ways to live and eat (although that is an area that’s still very much a work in progress). And I’m driven to ensure our kiddos have the very best care; that excuses aren’t made because we have triplets, and they experience things just as a singleton child would.

In order to provide even more security that I can continue staying home with our children, and to pursue my health and wellness mission for our family, I’ve decided to start a business with Shaklee. Shaklee meets so many of our family’s needs and allows me even more freedom in my schedule than tutoring, and the opportunity for a full-time income, working from home, should I succeed.

Why Shaklee? What is it?

I heard about Shaklee through a few mama friends of mine. They shared about Shaklee’s vitamins and how it had helped keep their kiddos healthy, how Basic H2 was an amazing green cleaner, and how the Youth BB cream looked amazing on your skin. To be honest, I knew about Shaklee for about a year before I really decided to give it a chance. After having the babies and as we found our new groove, I started researching and learning about organic foods and green products for the home. I found I had much more passion for healthy living with children in the house than I had ever had before!

With a peaked interest in green products, I went to a neighbor’s launch event. I was really drawn in by the “Get Clean” kit! It had everything I needed toss the majority of my toxic cleaning products. I’ve had the kit about 6 weeks now and I am genuinely obsessed with the cleanliness and the many uses of Basic H2. I’ve sampled the shakes and tried the energy chews and I’m just hooked! Since we are buying these great products for ourselves and I know I can share these great results and products first hand, I felt like Shaklee was a great business to get into. I hate hearing from a network marketing company where the salesman doesn’t even use the products. Be on the lookout for some vlogs about the products and how much I absolutely love them – and their cleaning power in action!

Want to check it out?

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