Weekly update

Friday Triplet & Family Update

This is the first Friday update post & I’m really hoping to make this schedule a routine for myself. I have to say that putting together updates is nice for our family too because it creates a short family video of each week of the year for us. With camcorders out & iPhones in, you don’t see 1 hour long videos of family events anymore. But I still love those videos from when I was a child. I want to make sure our kids have fun memories to watch for years to come!

This past week was a busy one! We went to Swedish days, John traveled out of state for his work as a referee, we had a play date & I had lots of tutoring. I also took the kids to get 18 month photos taken at JC Penny. They have the best Groupon deals! They turned out so good. I was really impressed as there is a different quality to studio photos versus the ones in our home (lifestyle). Those our my absolute favorite but more costly. So I went with Penny’s for the cheaper mid year option, but this photographer did not disappoint. She was dedicated too. We were both sweating trying to pose everyone. 😂 But look how precious these turned out ❤️❤️❤️

The kiddos are becoming so interactive with each other & are so much fun for us. We are also entering more tantrum-y stages when things don’t go someone’s way…lots of melting out the floor.

Here is a compilation of our week in an 8-9 minute video! 🙂


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